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A number of events have been organised in the context of The State of the Union 2018. These events are linked to the theme of Solidarity in Europe and are organised by partners of the European University Institute. For more information about each of these events, please contact the relevant individual through the details below.


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Wednesday 9, Thursday 10 and Friday 11 May 2018

Closing Conference

A Dynamic Economic and Monetary Union - ADEMU

ADEMU (A Dynamic Economic and Monetary Union) is part of the Horizon 2020 work program topic Resilient and sustainable economic and monetary union in Europe (EURO-1-2014). The primary focus of the project is on the dimension The impact of macroeconomic and social imbalances on economic stability. In response to the European debt crisis and associated deep recession, a number of important steps have recently been taken towards redesigning the institutional architecture of EMU, based on the roadmap outlined in the Van Rompuy Report (2012). But these institutional innovations – in particular, the ‘fiscal compact’, the ESM, the SSM and the SRM – retain relatively weak theoretical foundations. In particular, there is a noticeable gap between policy-oriented analyses of the precise EU challenges, and the major developments in dynamic macroeconomic theory of the past three decades. For more information, please visit the website.


Wednesday 9 May
12.00-20.00, Villa La Fonte, EUI

Thursday 10 May
9.00 – 19.30, Villa La Fonte, EUI
10.00 – 11.30, session at The State of the Union, Badia Fiesolana, EUI

Friday 11 May
15.45 – 17.00, session at The State of the Union 2018, Palazzo Vecchio

Organiser: ADEMU Committee
Contact: Julia Valerio, Department of Economics, EUI

Thursday 10 May 2018

Press Briefing & Coffee: euandi, an Innovative Application Giving Advice to Voters in European Elections 2019

European Governance and Politics Programme (EGPP), Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, EUI

euandi is an online Voting Advice Application (VAA) aimed at helping citizens make informed choices in the 2019 European Parliament elections. The team behind the application, after the 2009 and 2014 editions, has developed extensive expertise with Voting Advice Applications ensuring high academic standards, in order to offer complete and unbiased information to European voters. Available in all EU official languages, euandi will help people identify which political parties best represent their views and will provide an innovative information platform on voting rights around Europe. Participation in the event is open to all media representatives.

Alexander H. Trechsel, Full Professor of Political Science and Political Communication at the University of Lucerne, EGPP Programme Associate
Diego Garzia, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Lucerne, EGPP Programme Associate

Organiser: European Governance and Politics Programme (EGPP), Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, EUI
Contact: Lorenzo Cicchi
Location: Committee Room, Badia Fiesolana, Via Roccettini 9, Florence
Language: English
Time: 11.00 – 11.30, 10 May 2018

Award Ceremony of the Il Futuro dell’Unione Competition for High Schools of the Metropolitan City of Florence

Historical Archives of the European Union - Città Metropolitana di Firenze

The side event at the HAEU will be about the Award Ceremony of the Il Futuro dell’Unione competition organised for high schools of the metropolitan city of Florence. The event is reserved for high school students, families and ceremony organisers. The winners of the award have been three different classes from three different high schools; every class, supervised by a professor, provided different essays on the future of the European Union in the context of migration, nationalism and Brexit.


Ambassador Vincenzo Grassi, Secretary General of the EUI (tbc)
Giampiero Mongatti, Director Delegate for Education of the Metropolitan City of Florence
Dieter Schlenker, Director of the Historical Archives of the European Union

Organiser: Historical Archives of the European Union and Metropolitan City of Florence
Contact: [email protected]
Location: Villa Salviati, Via Bolognese 156,  Florence
Language: Italian
Time: 11.00 – 13.00, 10 May 2018
Website: HAEU news coming soon

The event is open to the press. 

Equity and Solidarity in the EU Emissions Trading System: Lessons for International Climate Governance?

EUI - Florence School of Regulation Climate

The EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) has been the cornerstone of EU’s climate policy since 2005, and remains today the largest cap-and-trade scheme in the world. The EU ETS has also been seen as a prototype of an architecture for a global climate regime, though arguably this view should be adjusted to the new context of the Paris Agreement. The reform of the EU ETS for Phase IV (2021-2030) has recently been agreed and it has now reached the final stage of the legislative process.  FSR Climate organises this session as part of the policy dialogue carried out under the LIFE SIDE project (co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union). The project supports European policy makers with the design and implementation of the new EU ETS legislation. Please visit the website for more information and registration.

Simone Borghesi, Director, FSR Climate
Jos Delbeke, Senior Adviser for Relations with the European University Institute, European Political Strategy Centre, European Commission (former Director-General for Climate Action, European Commission)
Carlo Carraro, Professor, University of Venice, and Director of the International Centre for Climate Governance
Zhang Xiliang, Professor of Management Science and Engineering and Director, Institute for Energy, Environment & Economy, Tsinghua University

Organiser: Florence School of Regulation (FSR) – Climate, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, EUI
Contact: RSCAS, Conference Centre, FSR Climate
Language: English
Time: 11.45 – 13.15, Thursday 10 May 2018
Location: Sala Europa, Villa Schifanoia. Via G. Boccaccio 121, Florence


Measures to Contrast Poverty: Comparative European Experiences

Fondazione Circolo Fratelli Rosselli in cooperation with Fondazione ASTRID

The seminar, for which the full programme will be published shortly, marks the intermediate phase of research on the Reddito di cittadinanza and other welfare issues, initiated in September through a research collaboration between the Fondazione Circolo Rosselli and the Astrid Foundation. More information coming soon on the website.

Welcome Address by:
Claire Kilpatrick, Professor of International European and Social Law, EUI

Franco Bassanini, President, Fondazione Astrid  Valdo Spini, President, Fondazione Circolo Rosselli
Tiziano Treu, President, CNEL

Elena Granaglia, Professor of Financial Sciences, University of Roma Tre
Stefano Ronchi, PhD candidate at University of Cologne and Research Associate, European University Institute
Andrea Ciarini, Researcher, Department of Social and Economic Sciences, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
Giorgia Giovannetti, Professor of Economics, University of Florence, and visiting fellow, European University Institute
Lorenzo Corsini, Senior Researcher of Political Economy, University of Pisa
Elena Monticelli, Researcher of Public, Comparative and International law, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
Paolo Borioni,  Associate Professor of Economic History, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
Gianluca Busilacchi, Researcher of European Welfare, University of Macerata
Stefano Toso, Professor of Financial Sciences, University of Bologna
Emanuele Vannucci, Researcher, Department of Economics, University of Pisa

Organiser: Fondazione Circolo Fratelli Rosselli in collaboration with Fondazione ASTRID, Rome
Contact: Giulia Corrado
Language: Italian
Time: 15.30-19.30, 10 May 2018
Location: Fondazione Circolo Fratelli Rosselli, via degli Alfani 101 R, Florence

Digital Age and European Energy Transition: the Launch of a Knowledge Hub

EUI - Florence School of Regulation Energy

The European Union is entering two waves of change and innovation which will shape the world economies and societies in the 21st Century. They are the “Digital Age” and the “Energy Transition”. An independent “Knowledge Hub” is needed to collect data and evidence, aggregate research questions and analyses, define metrics and options, and to formulate policy alternatives and regulatory tools for Europe.


Jean-Michel Glachant, Director, Florence School of Regulation, and Director of Loyola de Palacio Energy Policy Programme, EUI
Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Researcher on European Energy Policy at Notre Europe-Institut Jacques Delors

Organiser: Florence School of Regulation Energy
Contact: Nicolò Rossetto and Patrizia Musina
Time: 16.45 – 18.15, 10 May 2018
Location: La Cappella, Villa Schifanoia. Via G. Boccaccio 121, Florence
Language: English

Participation is by invitation only. 

Friday 11 May 2018

Energy Efficiency of Companies: Good Practices and Concrete Cases

Camera di Commercio di Firenze - EUI Florence School of Regulation Climate

This session is composed of a series of interventions in the field of energy efficiency and the use / production of energy from renewable sources, with insights from past cases in Italy, followed by comments on the most pertinent current issues and implications. The case studies to be considered cover a number of diverse sectors, including building construction (offices and factories), the management of internal lighting (hotels), and “intelligent” leather production (anaerobic-aerobic treatment plant) in order to consider the impact of the urban waste transport sector.

Welcome Address:
Laura Benedetto, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce

Simona Bonafè, Member of the European Parliament

Isabella Alloisio, Research Associate, FSR Climate, European University Institute

Francesco Baldoni, PhD and Emas Certificator
Azioni di efficientamento energetico delle imprese. Analisi casi pratici e proposte operative
Actions to improve the energy efficiency of companies. Analysis of practical cases and operational proposals
Simone Borghesi, Director, FSR Climate
Il sistema di Emission Trading Europeo (EU ETS): implicazioni settoriali, territoriali e di equità. Presentazione del progetto LIFE SIDE
The European Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS): sectorial, territorial and equity implications. Presentation of the LIFE SIDE Project

Organiser: Camera di Commercio di Firenze and EUI, FSR, Climate
Contact: Costanza Ceccarini, Isabella Alloisio
Time: 11.15 – 13.15, 11 May 2018
Location: Piazza dei Giudici, 3, Florence
Language: Italian

Putting the Greek Debt Problem to Rest

EUI - School of Transnational Governance

Greece’s third economic programme has been relatively successful, but before it can return to private market financing, the country will require more official debt relief. The authors of an Independent Report reveal their findings about the amount of debt relief required and discuss how alternative models of debt relief could and should be delivered. They will also examine the incentives which would be triggered by those alternative models.

Ferdinando Giugliano, Economics Columnist, Bloomberg

Miguel Poiares Maduro, Professor and Director of the School of Transnational Governance, EUI
Richard Portes, Professor of Economics, London Business School
Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Senior fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Each panelist will speak for five minutes, followed by a Q&A

Organiser: School of Transnational Governance, EUI
Contact: Paula Gori and Fiona Wong
Location: Sala di Lorenzo il Magnifico, Palazzo Vecchio
Languages: English
Time: 13.15 – 14.15, 11 May 2018

This session will be open to participants of The State of the Union.

What Future for Cohesion Policy After 2020? A Citizens’ Dialogue

Committee of the Regions - Regione Toscana - European Commission

The Tuscany Region organises in collaboration with the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the European Commission (EC), a dialogue with citizens entitled “What future for cohesion policy after 2020?” in the presence of the President of the Region of Tuscany Enrico Rossi, the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, the President of the European Committee of the Regions Karl-Heinz Lambertz and of the European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu. For Registration and latest information, please visit the website.

Corina Crețu, European Commissioner for Regional Policy
Karl-Heinz Lambertz, President, Committee of the Regions
Enrico Rossi, President, Tuscany Region
Antonio Tajani, President, European Parliament

Organiser: Regione Toscana and Committee of the Regions
Contact: Elisa Sassoli, Regione Toscana, and Ginevra Del Vecchio, Committee of the Regions
Languages: English, French, Italian
Time: 15.00 – 17.00, 11 May 2018
Location: Teatro della Compagnia, Via Cavour 50/R, Florence

The event will be live-streamed.

From Europe to Florence: Solidarity and Integration

Caffé letterario Le Murate

In the context of the international conference “The State of the Union 2018”, the group of researchers Engaged Academics of the EUI organises a debate open to the public to bring the topics discussed in the conference to the attention of a broader audience of citizens of Florence.. Like The State of the Union, the event will focus on the theme of solidarity, focusing on the aspect of the integration of migrants in the Florentine context. Integration is one of the biggest challenges that European cities are confronted with. We will discuss the different ways of practicing solidarity and integration with members of civil society and institutions, as well as with researchers from the European University Institute of Fiesole who will inform and moderate the discussion.

Eleonora Milazzo, EUI Researcher

Pape Diaw, Human rights activist
Diye Ndiaye, Council member, Scandicci
Michele Spinicci and Gloria Vitaioli, Association “MEDU” of Florence (Doctors for human rights)
Caterina Francesca Guidi, Robert Schuman Fellow

Organiser: Engaged Academics, EUI
Contact: Mario Pagano and Virginia Passalacqua
Location: Caffé letterario Le Murate, Piazza delle Murate, Florence
Language: Italian
Time: 19.00, 11 May 2018