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Przemysław Pałka

Przemysław Pałka is a PhD researcher at the Department of Law at the European University Institute in Florence. Born the same year as the new East-European democracy, on 14th April 1989, in Zabrze, Poland, he is Catholic, Polish, Schlesier and European. His fields of research include the common Digital Market, including virtual property, artificial intelligence, normativity of code, ODR and personal data. He believes in an Open Society, a United Europe, in dialogue and cooperation for peace and welfare; he sees the dark clouds gathering over the Old Continent, and is highly committed to work towards a safe passage through them.

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Sandro Gozi

Sandro Gozi has been a Member of the Italian Parliament since 2006. Currently he is State Secretary at the Presidency in the Italian Government, in charge of European Affairs. In August 2013 he was nominated as vice-President of the Assembly of the Council of Europe, and from January to May 2014 he was vice-president of the Socialist Group at the Assembly of the Council of Europe. He has worked as an official at the European Commission for 10 years, dealing with institutional affairs, regional cooperation in the Balkans and in the Mediterranean, as well as matters related to education and culture.

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Pierpaolo Sinconi

Pierpaolo Sinconi, officer at the Arma dei Carabinieri, teaches International and Humanitarian Law at the Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units. He has lectured, among others, at the Defence Institute of International Legal Studies in Newport and the NATO School of Oberammergau. He is part of the expert group on peacebuilding of the G8 and has carried out a study of peacekeeping in Africa for the European Commission. He served in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Iraq, and authored the books Missioni di Supporto alla Pace e Interventi Umanitari tra Storia e Diritto and Corti Penali Internazionali e Peacekeepers.

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