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Alfredo Conte

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Alfredo Conte the State of the Union Conference Florence 2012

Alfredo Conte is Head of the Strategic Planning Division in the European External Action Service.
He Graduated with honours in Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Naples in 1989 and he has entered the Diplomatic Service at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1993…

Matteo Renzi

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Matteo Renzi welcome remarks State of the Union

Matteo Renzi – Mayor Renzi’s decisive victory in the primary elections of the center-left Partito Democratico (Democratic Party of Italy) made his victory in the race for mayor a likely outcome in Florence where the electorate has a long history of voting to the left. Renzi’s youth and innovative style have made him a man to watch in the politics of a nation accustomed to slow and incremental change. Renzi’s campaign of “new faces at Palazzo Vecchio” struck a chord in the popular imagination and is a key to understanding the rapid rise of this charismatic Florentine.